• The Beaconhouse School System traces its roots to a single classroom with 19 students, in the home of the founder’s parents. Today, 30 years on, there are over 100,000 students studying at Beaconhouse institutions. It has grown, from the humblest of origins, to become one of the largest private educational institutions in the world.

  • Over the years, Beaconhouse has kept expanding, and today it is a major multi-national enterprise. However, in all this time, we’ve maintained the spirit that brought that first classroom alive. Just as we strive to maintain the spark of our students, so too we try to ensure that, through all the growth, the spark that inspired Beaconhouse never gets extinguished.

  • Today, in 2005, Beaconhouse encompasses the full range of education. We have nurseries, schools, colleges and now also a Liberal Arts University.

  • As we look to expand further across the region, playing our part in the future of education, we must not get complacent. That is why, rather than resting on our achievements, we are once more looking to the horizon to see what still needs to be done. Societies never stay still, and neither does education. That is why we are holding a future orientated conference, in the form of Towards 2035: The School of Tomorrow.
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