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Lahore (Nov 5-6, 2010)
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Richard Mark Gerver
Inspirational Leader and Educator
Richard Mark Gerver has a background in education and has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation. His philosophies of communication, empowerment and impact transcend the educational realm.
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Professor Andrew Cecil Goodwyn
Head, Institute of Education, University of Reading
Andrew Cecil Goodwyn is currently Head of The Institute of Education at The University of Reading. He is an expert on first language education as well as teaching. He taught in schools for 15 years before joining the University to lead teacher education programmes.
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Roohi Haq
Director of Studies BSS
Mrs. Roohi Haq is a graduate of Kinnaird College and has been Director of Studies at Beaconhouse since 1996. Mrs. Haq has extensive experience as an educator, having started her teaching career in 1984.
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Dr. Catherine Temple Wilson
Director of Art Education Programs
Catherine Temple Wilson, a leader in education, has taught Art, Fine Arts and General Education. Alongside that, she has served as a Principal, an Education Consultant and an Associate Professor. Currently, she is teaching art courses at Memphis College of Arts.
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Susan Elizabeth Waltham

BSc MSc PGCE Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Susan Elizabeth Waltham initially obtained a Bachelors of Science degree and then a Masters degree in Science. There followed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with Qualified Teacher Status for students aged three to thirteen.
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David I. Bradley
Education Consultant
David I. Bradley introduced enhanced learning through an ‘Imagineering’ technique that he pioneered in 1992. ‘Imagineering’ is all about focusing, concentrating and using play and creative expression.
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Thomas White
Elementary Teacher and Teacher Leader
Thomas White has been a classroom teacher for 26 years, working mostly with young children. He has primarily taught in Seattle, Washington, where he grew up and currently lives with his wife and two sons.
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Victor Jude Latham Heaton
Victor Jude Latham Heaton has pursued a career exploring power, communication, and social transformation. Following a degree in philosophy, Mr. Heaton spent two years as a journalist in Pakistan.
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Ayesha Kasuri
Deputy Head, TNS
Ayesha Kasuri is a trained and certified early childhood educator.  She completed her graduate and post graduate studies at Kinnaird. She moved to Virgina, USA in 1998, where she joined the Montessori Academy Internationale.
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Tina Hameed
Freelance Consultant
Tina Hameed is accredited to deliver award bearing courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels by the University of Bradford and the University College Plymouth St. Mark and St. John, UK.
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Simon Testa
Director, School Evaluation, Beaconhouse Group
Simon Testa started his career as a teacher and head of department in Maltese Secondary Schools after completing a B.Ed. (Hons.) degree. After a number of years in the classroom, he joined Apple Computer, supporting schools in the implementation of ICT programmes and, after a few years, moved on to a job as training and development manager with a State agency.
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Christine Lynne Blackaby
Regional Director, Middle East/North Africa, Beaconhouse Group
Christine Lynne Blackaby was born and raised in the UK. Her qualifications were all gained in Britain, including Newcastle University, Leeds University, Reading University, Manchester University and Herriot Watt in Edinburgh.
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Richard Pietrasik
Richard Pietrasik is an Education Consultant focusing on education leadership and the profound transformation taking place in education practice worldwide, driven by the revolution in information and communication technologies.
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Claude Alphonso Alvares
Director, The Goa Foundation
Claude Alphonso Alvares received his Ph.D from the Technische Hogeschool, Eindhoven, Netherlands, in 1976. He returned to India and started the Learners School in the coastal village of Calangute, Goa.
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Dr. Fauzia Shamim
Chairperson, Department of English, University of Karachi.
Fauzia Shamim is the Professor and Chairperson of the Department of English at the University of Karachi, in Karachi, Pakistan. Earlier, she has worked as a full time faculty member at the Agha Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development, Karachi.
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Dennis James Taylor
Dennis James Taylor is the Professor of Biology at Hiram College and core faculty at the Shoals Marine Laboratory of Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.
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Mary Louise Holly
Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Studies, Kent State University
Mary Louise Holly, a long-time champion of teacher scholars, is the Co-Director of the Igniting Streams of Learning in Science programme where teachers, along with high school, undergraduate and graduate students, work in learning communities.
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Dr. Saeeda Shah
Programme Leader, MSc Educational Leadership, University of Leicester
Saeeda Shah is one of the leading academics in the field of educational leadership. She is currently working at the University of Leicester, teaching/supervising Masters and Doctoral students and contributing to other professional development programmes.
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Anthony Colin Townsend
Chair Public Service, Educational Leadership and Management, School of Education, College of Social Sciences , University of Glasgow
Tony Townsend has been Chair of Public Service, Educational Leadership and Management at the University of Glasgow since January 2009.
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Saima Rashid
General Manager Training for the Northern Region, Beaconhouse Group
Saima Rashid has had a two-decade long association with the Beaconhouse School System and has provided strong insights into the variety of experiences, challenges and opportunities that she has encountered at Beaconhouse.
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Kaye Heasman
Development Director, EtonHouse International Pre School
Kaye Heasman had initially trained in New Zealand as an early childhood teacher and Head Teacher. After 20 years, she gained further experience in Educational Leadership as an Education Services Manager for a large Kindergarten Association.
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Norbert Pachler
Pro-director: Professional Learning at the Institute of Education, University of London
Norbert Pachler is Pro-director: Professional Learning at the Institute of Education, University of London. His research interests include the application of new technologies in teaching and learning, teacher education and development and all aspects of foreign language teaching and learning.
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Martha J. Lash
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Kent State University
Martha J. Lash is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education and the Early Childhood Educator Coordinator in the Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Studies School, Graduate School and College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University, Ohio, USA.
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Aslam Sharif
General Manager IT, Beaconhouse
Aslam Sharif has over 25 years of experience in technology intensive transformations, including areas such as diversified network infrastructure of an ISP (Internet Server Provider); business process automation and reengineering using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and e-Learning.
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Naureen Dogar
Academic Coordinator Asia and Middle East, Beaconhouse
Naureen Dogar is an accredited tutor for both Bradford University and Plymouth University College of St Mark and St John, UK. Currently, Naureen is Regional Academic Coordinator at Beaconhouse for South Asia and the Middle East.
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Dr. Taimur ul Hassan
Doctorate of Philosophy
Associate Professor of School of Media and Mass Communication, BNU
Taimur ul Hassan has received his Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Karachi for his thesis entitled ‘Role of Pakistani Press in Promotion of Civil Society (1977-2006)’.
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