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Lahore (Nov 5-6, 2010)
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David Bradley
Education Consultant

David I. Bradley introduced enhanced learning through an ‘Imagineering’ technique that he pioneered in 1992. ‘Imagineering’ is all about focusing, concentrating and using play and creative expression. It has developed through his facilitation of numerous ‘Imagineering’ workshops for children/adults nationally and internationally.

Mr. Bradley studied at The Institute of Arts and Therapy in Education, in London, where he gained a ‘Certificate of the Education of the Imagination’ (1995).

In 1996, Mr. Bradley began to work for Early Years Development Partnership, national organisations that support teacher training.

In 2001, Mr. Bradley received a grant from the Millennium Commission to develop ‘Imagineering in the Early Years’. This one-year project was extremely successful as evidenced by an official inspection during that period that was very complimentary.

Mr. Bradley attended two Reggio Emilia study tours, after which he wrote a paper entitled “Visible Listening: The pedagogy of listening.” This was approved by Carla Rinaldi, the Head Pedagogista of Reggio Children.

In 2005, he attended Beaconhouse's ‘Towards 2035: The School of Tomorrow Conference’ to run workshops on the Reggio Emelia Approach. After the conference, Mr. Bradley was invited to visit various schools in Lahore and consult with the CEO and the head of the Early Years division to help create ‘The School of Tomorrow’, in Lahore, Pakistan. 

Mr. Bradley returned to Pakistan in May 2007 to further consult and train teachers in the Reggio approach, with the aim of opening ‘The New School’ (TNS). He also assisted TNS during the first semester as a role model teacher and to do a further two-week consultation with Susan Waltham.

Mr. Bradley is currently undertaking research for a Masters Degree and is working as a school governor of a large primary school in Bradford.