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Lahore (Nov 5-6, 2010)
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School of Tomorrow: Freedom to Learn is the sequel to the conference “Towards 2035: School of Tomorrow” ( that was originally organised by Beaconhouse in 2005 and featured former President Pervez Musharraf, Noam Chomsky (via live video conference), Roger Schank, Jonathan Power, and approximately 30 other speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan.  With over 3,000 delegates in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, this was the most prominent international conference on education that has ever been hosted by Pakistan.

The 2005 conference adopted a last-minute tagline, ‘Learning to Live Again’ in light of the earthquake that took place only 1 to 2 months prior. This year a new tagline has been agreed upon, indicating a newer direction, ‘Freedom to Learn’

‘School of Tomorrow’ essentially suggests a move towards a more enlightened approach to teaching and learning, a cornerstone of the Beaconhouse School System’s educational philosophy. This year’s conference is designed to make educators reassess some of their earlier beliefs of what constitutes progressive teaching and learning. It aims to transform the learning experiences of children studying not only at private schools, but in schools at every level and, at the same time, to give educators the tools to provide students with the “Freedom to Learn.” This conference, taking place on the 5th and 6th of November, 2010, also marks the 35th anniversary of the Beaconhouse School System.’

As a sequel, the conference allows us to question what it means to be a ‘School of Tomorrow.’ The conference aims to address four streams:

  • The Power of Diversity: New Ways of Teaching and Learning
  • Teacher Education for Sustainable Development
  • Reframing Early Childhood Education
  • Changing Education: Leadership, Innovation and Development
These streams will incorporate the following realms of learning:

  • Inquiry-Based or Project-Based Learning?
  • Child-Led or Child-centred Learning?
  • Progressive Approaches to Early Childhood Learning
  • Models for School Leadership and Professional Development
  • Emerging Technologies Across the Curriculum
  • Self-Evaluation, External Evaluation and School Improvement
  • Progressive Models for Assessing Learning
  • Building Learning Communities

These themes will be encompassed through keynote addresses, plenary sessions, interactive workshops, and panel discussions over a two day event. 

Local and international guest speakers will be present at the conference as panelists, keynote speakers, and facilitators of workshops and panel discussions.